Saturday, April 11, 2009

My lens has had 341 visits in the last 7 days. 93 visits yesterday...

All this traffic just searching for
legitimate baby & kids freebies.

P.S. this is my lens that had a bug on Jan. 1, 2009 and the rank dropped over 100,000 in ranking and NEVER got corrected--even with me and another reporting the bug so ANY traffic, angel blessings, sharing will help me regain the ranking this lens deserves.... so please share my lens with others on your blog, lensroll, email, social bookmarking, twitter etc.

You can read what other lensmasters are saying about this at this SquidU forum post

Thanks I love Squidoo!!



  1. Hi Teddi, spotted you off Squidoo. Stopping by to say HI and keep up the great work!
    Community & Charity Organizer

  2. Hi Teddi, if you did this on Hubpages, and set up to share adsense revenue with them, it would not matter where it ranked, unless it was a dog. So, you don't really have to worry about ranking much at Hubpages. You get the adsense revenue regardless of the rank unless it is very subpar, which yours aren't. I am an all star at Hubpages with 107 hubs. You can create them quickly too. I am bgamall at Hubpages and I think you stopped by one time. The Squidoo pagerank stress is simply not worth it.


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