Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am having problems with my tweets/updates showing up on Twitter...you may too & not even know it.

This is the bug report I initially sent in to Twitter on June 28, 2009 3:47pm

Recently I noticed that my tweets are NOT showing up when someone is searching a topic. For example when I search my profile name "Teddi14" I should see all the tweets and replies but I only see replies NOT my original tweets. When I use Tweetdeck I search a number of topics and none of my tweets are showing up--even when I use the hash tags. I am a Squidoo lensmaster and when I search "Squidoo" none of my updates are showing up. I updated about 10 of my lenses today and when I searched "squidoo" none of my tweets/updates showed up.

Please let me know why this is happening. Did I do something to cause this?

Teddi Kella

My second message on my request ticket:

I went to known problems and found something similar but not exactly the same at: http://help.twitter.com/forums/31935/entries/29912 (my problems is no to each search-- well part of one...) This link instructs me to search for my user name & search for updates--so that is what I did.

1. My updates are NOT showing up at http://search.twitter.com either. (my user name is ONLY showing up when someone replies to my tweet).
2. I am NOT showing up in a people search at http://twitter.com/search/users

See my searches for yourself:
1. http://search.twitter.com/search?q=teddi14
2. http://twitter.com/search/users?q=teddi14&category=people&source=users

10:00pm June 30, 2009
Then I found another forum about this problem at:

How does this affect you? I know I have had almost zero new followers per day as a result since I noticed this was happening (a few weeks now). I imagine it is because NO ONE CAN SEE MY TWEETS EXCEPT CURRENT FOLLOWERS! For example, any updates I do for my lenses are not able to be seen on a trending topic or found during a search on a topic. I was able to scroll back and found that my updates where not there as far back as 12 days ago. I found many many people are having the same problem when I visited the link above.


Q: Here is how to find out if it is happening to you too.

1. Search your user name at http://search.twitter.com
See if updates from you show up. Your user name should show up the first word on most of the tweets--my user name is ONLY showing up when someone replies to my tweet! If your user name is NOT showing up as the first word on each tweet then ONLY your followers can see this tweet...make sense?
2. Search your user name here http://twitter.com/search/users
See if you show up in people search.

A: If your user name does not show up here is what you need to do. Go to this site: http://help.twitter.com/forums/31935/entries/38518?page=1 and add a comment-you will find the link to add the comment at the bottom of the page.

I hope this is not happening to you but if it is at least Twitter will know about it. I hope they get this fixed soon. It is REALLY affecting my marketing strategies with Twitter & Squidoo.

Sad & Angry,


  1. yes, it is true. my account @IAmTheAvt is also NOT showing up on Twitter search engines!!! please get this fixed, Twitter!!!

  2. i am also not showing up on the 2 search engines! http://twitter.com/JeromeLogan !

  3. same here! please re-index me! @jimmylangley

  4. I may have figured out why this is happening to me. Read my bug request ticket the one Jul-02 2009 05:33 pm. Maybe this is why it is happening to others. I do send the same or similar messages as replies often...

  5. Oh, gees, here is the link for the comment above...sorry

  6. Remember if your user name does not show up go to:

    and add a comment-you will find the link to add the comment at the bottom of the page.

  7. Here is the link to find out why this is probably happening to you!


    It many not ever get fixed...
    read more at:


  8. I found a great article about this problem. Go to:

  9. Great work, Teddi! You really captured the feelings many of us go through when confronted with this problem! Here is more about it and how to get it fixed!


  10. I followed the advise in the article and mine got fixed about 10 minutes ago! Finally....YAHOO.

  11. help me! i have same problem :(

    please fix it http://twitter.com/NizarWijaya


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