Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Squidoo Lenses; Sykes, Fractions, Rip Currents, Gossamer

Wow, I have been off of here for way too long.  I have made a number of new lenses.  Please stop by and check them out.

This is my search for my biological father's family history.

This is a game I use in my classroom.  I also uploaded Youtube video too.

This is a squidoo lens about losing a student of mine to a rip current this summer.  Lots of tips & information on how to survive one.

This is one of my favorite cartoon characters from my childhood.  I never know his real name until I made this lens.

I hope you can stop by and check out my lenses.  Please let me know you were there.  I have a comment area on each one.


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  1. Yes, I am hugely addicted to Squidoo and have been since Day 1.

    Just joined your Twitter.


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